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Used Artificial Turf for Sale

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Updated:  Aug 3, 2019

$1.10 sq ft.   All Green(painted lines only which are faded)   12' x 100' Rolls Used Padded turf with no infill.  Weighs 1.3 lbs per sq ft.  60,000 sq ft remaining as of Aug 3,m 2019.   This is a high-end turf with thatch and 5mm pad with drainage holes.   Field was pulled out prematurely due to separating seams.  Ideal for indoor baseball facilities and training facilities requiring some cushion and don't want rubber pellets.




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You can also visit our other website http://www.UsedArtificialTurf.com for a full list of our current inventory.

Click Here to see list of fields we have removed/recycled over the last 8 years.

The SportsFacility.com team has been in the used synthetic turf business since 2003 and has recycled close to 100 full athletic fields.  Over the years, we’ve learned which used artificial turfs to find and which ones to stay away from.   Much like used cars, used turf can vary greatly in “miles,” years, quality and appearance.   A division in our plant is tasked with finding, removing, refurbishing, and distributing the “right” used field turf suitable for re-use in your application.   We can often sort through and find rolls, with numbers, without numbers and in some cases, all green rolls.

On this page, you will find the most commonly ordered sizes, however, we do supply used artificial turf in custom sizes and in much larger quantities.  See our Gallery for pictures of the numerous projects where we have installed used turf for athletic fields which have gone on to live long, useful lives in their second home and stayed out of landfills.

Video of our staff painting colored lines green on Used Turf....